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Palisades Venture Capital (PVC) is a southern California venture capital firm dedicated to scaling forward-thinking companies and advancing innovative ideas. Founded in 2016 in the west Los Angeles’ Pacific Palisades area and with satellite offices in San Francisco and New York City, PVC invests in smart young organizations operating in the health & wellness, fitness, entertainment, and mobile gaming industries. PVC leverages expertise, technology, and capital to give startup entrepreneurs the insight, tools, and means necessary to take their companies from promising, to profitable.


GameMine is an American mobile game publisher that develops, licenses, and acquires mobile games, then provides them to consumers in more than 135 countries through its subscription-based marketplace.

BlockFraud is a southern California technology company that provides mobile carriers around the world with proprietary anti-fraud software which eliminates today’s most pervasive forms of mobile billing fraud. BlockFraud was acquired by GameMine in December 2017.

The Palisades Venture Capital Acquisition Platform is a suite of proprietary technology built to automate user growth and onboarding. Consisting of an advanced media buying platform and real-time bidding system, the PVC Acquisition Platform uses AI and machine learning to build footprints of ideal customers and acquire them at scale.

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Our portfolio companies are given an infusion of operating capital at the crucial stage between product concept and market permeation. When a company has proven its potential but lacks the means to execute, PVC steps in to bridge the gap.


The PVC team consists of seasoned entrepreneurs who possess a wealth of knowledge surrounding all facets of building and scaling a profitable company. For any issue facing a startup, PVC’s team of professionals provide informed guidance and support to successfully tackle whatever challenges arise.


All portfolio companies are given exclusive access to PVC’s proprietary Acquisition Platform technology. This technology lets startups effectively automate user growth and quickly increase market share. The PVC Acquisition Platform has been proven highly effective, having facilitated past portfolio companies scaling to more than $100 million in annual revenues.

PVC was founded with a simple yet important mission: To leverage our technology, capital and expertise for the benefit of young companies who have a great idea, but lack the means to realise their goals. Our team consists of seasoned entrepreneurs with proven track records who are passionate about taking companies from promising, to profitable.

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PVC provides capital to app-based startups operating in health & wellness, fitness, entertainment, and mobile gaming, and also invests in subscription-based physical products.

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